Ask me for a short story

By steping into english writting, I’m breaking through a mirror. I don’t have a perfect knowledge of English, but it’s just enough to communicate for me. It’s not about grammar or sintaxis or spelling. I don’t have a writting that needs to be constricted into rules and then deconstructed again by your intellect. My writting is more like a pulse of my soul. And that’s a beating, a vibration that sounds. I hope I don’t tear your ears too many times with my mistakes or lack of a huge words library. I hope I can just make me understand with you as with any other person in the world.

By this time you might have noticed that i’m writting for you. Not JUST for you, but BECAUSE of you. For me wtitting is like talking. My writting is also a call. A call for the Family out there. What family? Well, as in any other family, those people who share certain characteristics. In my case, that means love, brotherhood and self knowledge. God is a personal choice. So I will keep it for my intimacy. To this my family, those who are looking for more light in their lives and in this world, I write. I can talk to you by writting.

I like to write short stories. Or even novels. The shape isn’t very important, though. It’s a vehicle. I’m just trying to become a good manufacturer.I usually do it in Spanish or Catalan. But thanks to my English skills, I feel ready to do the same in this language. I feel confident that what I want to tell I can tell it. I’m not interested in Literature, just in Self communication -read communication between Beings. I am confident that if I need a word, there’s a dictionary, or that there’re always quick translators in internet. All i need is to make sure that the text I deliver runs exactly down the same river that drives me.

So i’m opening here and now, in this blog, the possibility that you ask me for a short story in English. Just sent me a chain of words -do as you like anyway, as you feel- and let me answer you back with a short story.

I will write you back a short story. It might be uncomplete like me. Both my writting and my Self must evolve toegether, as I do not detach one from the other. I have so much to learn, just like every one else. But what I can say for certain is that whatever I give you back carries all the love and knowledge I have to the present day.

By the way… it’s Free.


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